Obsessed with getting you out to
more live music

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Our app will make sure you never miss a
great concert again.


It scans the music on your phone or your favourite streaming app and alerts you to concerts from artists you actually listen to. So you never miss out.


It’s one of those apps you find yourself wishing existed and you’re absolutely freaking out when you discover that it does
— The Staff, Tonedeaf
It does all the work for you, all you have to do is look at the Whatslively app on your phone and bam you’ve found a rad concert!
— Kristy, WickeddChildd
The Whatslively app boasts great personalisation, it’s fast and has a wide coverage of live gigs. We give it a nine out of ten
— Steph Payton, the AU review
The feature that distinguishes this startup and what users will likely embrace is the gig sharing feature.
— Tas Bindi, Startup Daily.