Obsessed with getting you out to
more live music

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Our app will make sure you never miss a
great concert again.


It scans the music on your phone or on your favourite streaming service and alerts you when an artist you listen to announces a concert in your city, so you never miss out.


It’s one of those apps you find yourself wishing existed and you’re absolutely freaking out when you discover that it does
— The Staff, Tonedeaf
It does all the work for you, all you have to do is look at the Whatslively app on your phone and bam you’ve found a rad concert!
— Kristy, WickeddChildd
The Whatslively app boasts great personalisation, it’s fast and has a wide coverage of live gigs. We give it a nine out of ten
— Steph Payton, the AU review
The feature that distinguishes this startup and what users will likely embrace is the gig sharing feature.
— Tas Bindi, Startup Daily.